About Us

The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC is a produce marketing company founded in 2009 by Warmerdam Packing and Maurice Cameron. The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC is responsible for marketing fruit on the Warmerdam’s orchards along with outside growers and complementing packers. Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between the growers and the customers.

The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC specializes in pomegranates, plums, cherries and California kiwifruit. We have expanded our cherry category quite a bit in the past couple years. Along with our cherries you may recognize some of our consumer favorite brands such as SunnyGem brand Wonderful variety California pomegranates or our famous Verry Cherry Plums.

Over the years our market has expanded to five continents. As we continue expanding our business, we strive to continue creating long-term partnerships with importers, exporters, high-end fruit purveyors and retailers. The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC is always working to keep global and domestic customers happy with providing the highest quality fruit.