Warmerdam Packing LLC of Hanford, California has an exclusive proprietary cherry breeding program in conjunction with Bradford Genetics, a leading California natural plant geneticist. This program consists of a varietal club program called the Sequoia program, which initially consisted of four cultivars of similar characteristics.

The single cultivar within the Sequoia club program that constitutes the majority of commercial production is the Glenred. The Glenred was first hybridized in 1992 as a first generation seedling cross between a Tulare seed pollinized with Brooks pollen. The geneticist cross pollinates scores of samples and selects the hybrids with the most desirable characteristics for further testing.

The SEQUOIA® variety is meant to displace the Brooks variety in the marketplace due to predictable superior characteristics from both a production and marketing viewpoint.



The second commercially marked cultivar from Warmerdam Packing LLC's Sequoia club program is the Glenrock, marketed under the trademark name YOSEMITE™.

The most desirable characteristics of the YOSEMITE™ cherry is the eating experience, firmness and post-harvest shelf life. The YOSEMITE™ cherry is typically harvested at about 20 degrees brix. To date, a typical YOSEMITE™ cherry is measurably firmer than competing varieties at the same timeframe. The firmness of the YOSEMITE™ cherry adds a unique crunch to the eating experience.

The geneticist's notes on the variety reflect a cherry that is large in size, firm in texture, dark red in skin color, red in flesh color and deliciously sweet in flavor demonstrating a balance between acid and sweetness.