The Flavor Tree Fruit Company’s goal is to inspire other agriculture industry leaders to become more sustainable, implement the best food safety practices and to treat all employees fairly. We pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships along with our incredible employee culture.



The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC continues to research and implement new practices with our growers and packers to become more sustainable. Many of these practices include minimizing chemical inputs, recycling water, use of natural cover crop and production of renewable energy. All these practices are extremely important to us as we know the positive long-term impact we can have as an industry.



Food safety has always been a top priority of The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC. We can assure you of great attention to your food safety standards. All of our packing facilities have passed a GFSI benchmark audit and we are able to offer you programs where 100% of the fruit we provide you has been produced and audited according to Global G.A.P. standards.

Food Safety has become the culture of The Flavor Tree, and we have a long history of complying with the strictest global requirements of the cherry industry.  All of our fields are certified in compliance with an  internationally-recognized GAP program. The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC is on the top tier of food safety in the San Joaquin Valley.

Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our food safety program; so much so that in 2010 we offered our business customers access to our food safety library.  Today that library includes our current GAP and GMP certifications, field maps, residue analyses and other information.

We welcome our commercial customers to contact us for access to our food safety library.

The user agrees to the following: 1) The user is authorized by The Flavor Tree Fruit Company LLC to access this information; 2) The user will only use this information for commercial use within the scope of food safety information for his/her own company's transactions; 3) The user will not disclose information or passwords to any other party, company, client, etc. without The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC's express written permission; 4) although The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC is acting in good faith to provide accurate information, the user is accessing and relying on this information at his or her own risk.